My Favourite Instrumental Music of 2014

Here I share my favourite instrumental music of this year. This list is not ordered by preference, it is ranked from East to West. Hope you guys enjoy!

Yoshida brothers



Fuyu no Sakura


Takeda no Komoriuta

Sakamoto Ryuichi

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence


Energy Flow


Pipa Yu by Lin Hai

Yuan Ye Xian Zong by Chen Yue

Some reconstructed Tang Dynasty performance by some Hokkien Nanguan Troupe

Hou Hua Yuan Xu Yu performed by the Gang-E-Tsui (Hokkien Nanguan) troupe

Yao Zu Wu Qu performed by China Central Chinese Orchestra


Gul Bagh

Turkish (Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t speak Turkish.)

Keklik Dağlarda Şağılar

Ömer Faruk Tekbilek

Hürremin Dansı


David Byrne

Last Emperor Opening

Erik Satie

3 Gymnopédies, 6 Gnossiennes


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